6 Tips for Getting Noticed by Music Bloggers

6 Tips for Getting Noticed by Music Bloggers



Music bloggers are playing a very vital role in the discovery and promotion of music, and the new artists are coming out every day in great number. The streaming era of music and social media platforms that are our main points in today’s time, are becoming tastemakers in the music industry. If an upcoming artist is able to get in the good books of an influential music blogger, then his career could take off and he could become very successful in short time. With technology and internet, hundreds of thousands of songs are getting dropped daily, so it can be really much difficult to stand out from the rest of the world and get your music heard by the right people. These tips for getting noticed by music bloggers will help you in achieving your goal in your music career.

1. Embrace storytelling

Behind every song, there’s a story waiting to be unveiled. Music bloggers are intrigued by music, but they are even more intrigued by the story of the people behind those amazing sounds. Unveiling a compelling narrative is a wonderful way to highlight your identity and capricious history. Why did you go into music career? What adversities have you experienced and overcome? Out of all the artists in the game, what distinguishes you from every other one? By exposing and sharing your narrative in a raw and absorbing manner, you present yourself humbly and reverently, and give bloggers a good reason to not only support but care about your sound.

2. Build Genuine Relationships

The music blogging community, like any industry is a consistent one and revolves around relationships, instead of thinking of bloggers as info seekers wanting your information, think of them as partners on your musical journey. Do your research. Every single blogger in the world writes in a different style and writes about different music, so obviously you want to ensure that the blog you are targeting is actually a good fit for your music. Read their website, check out their social media, show them you really focus about their work. Working out a way to build real relationships is tough and a constant thing, but it is usually worth it.

3. Submitting Quality Press Materials

When reaching out to music bloggers, how you present everything is very important. Make sure your press materials are professional, clean, and concise. This means having a well-written bio, high quality press photos, and links to your music and social media profiles. Stay away from generic templates and make sure you are making these pitches personable to the blogger’s interests and writing preferences. Not only do bloggers receive endless submissions each day but they’ve been doing this a long time. Being personable and paying attention to detail is a great way to stick out.

4. Offer Exclusive Content

In a time-congested market by offering the music bloggers exclusive content you can really make them feel special. Also, it can be difficult for music bloggers to find something that sets you apart from the rest. By offering bloggers something exclusive (such as a new song or music video premiere, behind the scenes footage of a creative process or exclusive interviews and acoustic performances) you are giving them something of value to share with their readers. It also matters a lot if you are being a top artist on their blog, which is much more likely to happen if there is something exclusive to talk about.

5. Engage on Social Media Promotion

Social media come 4th from the 6 tips for getting noticed by music bloggers. It is your best friend as a musician in the digital age. So, use it! Utilize platforms such as Instagram, Tradiio, Twitter, and even Tik-Tok to connect with fans, post updates about music, and also reach out to music bloggers. Tag bloggers, share their content, use hashtags and interact with them. This can allow them to recognize you and your music more and come back to you for a possible featured post one day. Be consistent in your social media presence and also, make sure it is true and authentic because bloggers will notice that you are the artist who actually takes the time to interact with the listeners and give voice to the people.

6. Be patient and stay persistent

Building a music career of any kind is a long game, getting noticed by music bloggers is no exception. Be prepared to be shot down and take some loses but don’t be discouraged. Enjoy the process and while you’re at it. Why not perfect your craft, build some relationships and work as you are releasing great music consistently. Think about it, success couldn’t be achieved in a day. Seriously, if you stay patient and persistent, your chances of getting noticed by music bloggers and exposing yourself to new fans and supporters will be much higher.


One of the major steps to getting a foot into a music career includes getting your music to be noticed by music bloggers and for that you can follow the tips for getting noticed by music bloggers given above. Solutions to help get music bloggers to notice you include, but not limited building a compelling narrative, building genuine relationships, submitting quality press materials and not just the music, offering exclusive content, engaging in your own social promotion and being patient and persistent. Success doesn’t get achieved overnight, but with enough patience and dedication combined with hard work, you might be the next artist to get featured in music blog that boosts up your career in music industry.

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