How Surma Used a Music Festival to Get Subscribers

How Surma Used a Music Festival to Get Subscribers



In today’s digital age, it is important for anyone (a content creator, an entrepreneur or a business owner) to build and gain subscribers. There are many strategies such as SEO, and social media campaign, etc. to achieve so. It is a very creative marketing approach from an individual who has achieved a very high subscribers in a really short period with one music festival. His name is Surma. Let’s dive into his amazing and very interesting case study!

Rise of Surma

With every new music video, every new live performance, and every new content idea, Surma increased his presence online. By using enthralling music videos, innovative content ideas and compelling social media updates, Surma put his content not only in the face of his audience, but also out in front in terms of trends. Just like everyone else, Surma had trouble turning the casual viewer into the die-hard subscriber.

Idea of Growth Hack

Surma loved music and loved going to shows. He knew the power of a live event and he quickly hit on the idea of using a music festival as a growth hack. Rather than just being a performer, Surma thought to why not seamlessly integrate his online presence directly into the festival experience.

Execution of Idea

  1. Smart Branding: Surma made sure his brand name was cohesive and marketed the same on all platforms rom the merch to social media profiles. Branding is something that’s really important to festival goers so they can recognize you particularly. After this, Surma released video footage, and vlogs from behind the scenes to show the magical transformation that was taking place and also what we were all seeing. The amount of interaction he did was phenomenal and created a really hypnotic impact. Surma also did interview sessions which allowed watchers to get to know the people behind the story allowing him to interact and build relationships even if it was only an online community.
  2. Active engagement: One way Surma facilitated audience participation was during his set he encouraged the audience to follow his social media channels and sign up for his newsletter that would provide exclusive access and current information. He would consistently make sure to mention his social media channels in between and after songs.
  3. Merchandise Giveaways: Surma also did merchandise giveaways for new subscribers to encourage festival goers to sign up and promote buzz around the brand.
  4. Post-Festival Follow-Up: Surma did not stop at gaining new subscribers. He reached out to all of the new festival attendees through personalizing thank-you emails to each of them. In multiple emails he even offered lots of exclusive content and special deals for his new subscribers.


  1. Substantial Subscriber Growth: Surma got a high growth in his subscriber growth by crossing his goals. He utilized the music festival for his marketing that resulted in this growth.
  2. Enhanced Brand Visibility: Not only the subscribers, this marketing significantly increased brans visibility for Surma through his strategic branding techniques and high-quality content.
  3. Deeper Audience Connection: Surma interacted with audiences and also offered incentives that built closer relationship between them and long-term loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

Surma’s success story provides knowledge and insights for content creators to grow their subscriber base.

  1. Think Unconventionally: Who said you need to stick to traditional marketing channels to propel your brand value into the spotlight? Probably someone playing by the rules. So don’t do that! Think creatively and follow through. It just might prove to be one of the most valuable marketing jobs you complete
  2. Blend Online and Offline: This is key. If you do it right your value will inflate from all the recognitions. Then you will have to work to enhance it because although a fully optimized and integrated marketing campaign feels and looks effortless, we all know the time and effort put in behind the curtain and it needs to be maintained regularly.
  3. Give Away: Surma means it in the easiest way. First of all, get to know your audience! Give them what they’re looking for including contests, giveaways, informational bytes and a personalized brand experience.
  4. Consistency: Your brand image must carry through every single message articulated on every medium. Your brand identity and how you communicate must be scaleable as you grow. Keep your funnel calibrated to not over communicate, or worse, miss somebody by not communicating enough.


Surma used a music festival to get subscribers by thinking out of the box and proper implementation. A music festival was used as a marketing tool to boost viewers and promote contents over internet. It makes evident that content creators with the use of internet, digital marketing as well as offline marketing, can push their brand value to greater heights. It helps to open new doors of success, build connections and grow as a content creator.

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