A Guide to Tradiio Profiles

A Guide to Tradiio Profiles


Personalized Music Exploration

Among the many music streaming platforms available to music lovers, Tradiio is unique in as it was created to help not only listeners discover music, but to help the artists of the music get promotion. At the heart of what makes Tradiio special, are the Tradiio profiles. Users can look and explore the different Tradiio profiles being artist or listener, and also interact with the community and give suggestions and feedback on the profiles, it is an adventure in music. Knowing how to look at a Tradiio profile is something Tradiio users, both listeners and artists, utilize to get the most they can from Tradiio.

What is Tradiio?

Tradiio is a mobile application that allows artists as well as listeners to create profiles for music discovery. It enables independent artists to gain exposure and rewards as they upload their music on the platform. It is a community driven platform that relies on masses for its operation and proper functioning. The diversified community helps artists to grow and for listeners, get new and amazing music to listen online.

Exploring Tradiio Profile

Tradiio requires a profile to access content over the platform due to its nature of service and features. It prompts to create a profile that is the key to the door of exposure for artists and personal hub for listeners.

  1. Add a personal touch to your profile: Add a personal touch to your profile by choosing a unique username, uploading a profile picture and bio. Your profile is your digital identity on Tradiio, so choose an image that mirrors your musical tastes and personality.
  2. Dive into the dashboard: Explore the dashboard, it is designed to help you discover what you’ll love. It shows a hand-picked selection of tracks it thinks are going to be great. It shows you the most popular artists on Tradiio and how your listening is going on. So, it can not only show you the most popular tracks on Tradiio, but the ones you’ll love listening too.
  3. Explore new music: With the search bar, browse the entirety of its diverse catalogue by genres, styles, or keywords. Find new emerging artists to the most underground of musical scenes. Discover hidden musical treasures you would not have found, that fits your tastes exactly. Its music library is full of artists we love. Artists whose weird antics we can’t get enough, artists whose new releases we can’t wait to listen to. If you find someone you love, you could follow them. When you follow an artist, you stay up to date on all of their latest releases, performances, and goings-on. It will automatically add artists you follow to your favourites.
  4. Support Artists: Use virtual coins to support an artist in his musical journey. Reward your favourite artist with coins that can be converted into tangible products.
  5. Be part of the Community: Interact with your followers, share your feedback to artists, participate in polls and discussions and get a chance to collaborate.
  6. Track Your Progress: Keep an eye on your musical journey by monitoring your profile’s activity. Follow your investments, see who’s music you have supported and celebrate your contributions to the Tradiio community.

Maximize your Experience

  1. Diversify your Playlist: Expand your musical horizons by exploring multiple genres and artists.
  2. Engage with Artists: Show your support for artists you love by commenting on their tracks, upvoting, sharing on social media, and even virtually investing in them!
  3. Stay Active: Regularly logging in and checking out your Tradiio dashboard will allow the algorithm to better understand your tastes and offer you better music recommendations. It will also allow you not to miss out any of the cool campaigns and community updates that launch regularly.
  4. Discover Collaborations: Find artists and fans with common taste and join them in new playlist, projects or even events.
  5. Share your Favourite Tunes: Spread the word about your favourite artists and tracks on social media or simply send a Tradiio invitation to friends and fans you know.

Immerse into Music

Explore and immerse into music with a vibrant community of music lovers. Support emerging artists in their journey while you enrich your music discovery experience. Connect and build relationships that could end up as collaborations. Unleash your passion for music with a customized Tradiio profile whether you are an independent artist or a passionate listener.

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