Free Resume Review

Resumes pass through automated system popularly known as Application Tracking System (ATS) before being viewed by your potential employers. Resumes get rejected by ATS as well as humans if your resume is not according to the expectations of the HR. We rate your resume in our free resume review so that you are aware how your resume will perform in reality.

Why our Free Resume Review

Take the advantage of our free resume review service. Whether you are a fresher or a seasoned professional, our top resume writers provide valuable insights for your resume. We analyze your resume to help you understand the performance of your existing resume in the real scenario when you apply for new positions. We provide feedback and suggestions for your resume improvement that can help you out to eliminate any existing errors. Get a free resume review from us and increase your chances of getting hired quickly!

How our Resume Review Works

You Upload your Resume

You upload your resume in pdf format

You Upload your Resume

You click on the upload your resume button and submit your resume in pdf along with your details such as name, email address and optionally a phone number.

We Review your Resume

We analyze your resume for potential errors

We Review your Resume

We analyze your resume and filter our the errors that could be of formatting, elements organization, typos, grammatical mistakes, graphics, ATS and much more.

We send a Detailed Report

We send you a detailed report within 24 hours

We send a Detailed Report

We provide a comprehensive report for your free resume review that includes list of errors in your resume and their possible solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What checks do you perform in free resume review?

We analyze multiple aspects of a resume that includes checks that are important for a perfect resume and ensures credibility to your resume.

  1. Text formatting, readability and presentation of your resume is analyzed in our free resume review.
  2. Typos and grammatical mistakes are checked.
  3. Organization within your resume is analyzed.
  4. We analyze your resume content for it being as per the latest trends and standards and specific to your target job role.
  5. We check for language and professionalism in your resume.
  6. All the elements of resume such as professional summary, work history, education, skills and achievements are checked for irrelevant content.
  7. We analyze graphical elements of your resume as they should depict your professionalism in sync with your target job role.
  8. We check your resume to  be ATS-friendly resume in our free resume appraisal.
  9. We create a comprehensive report with errors and suggestions, and rate your resume on the scale of 10 that gives you a clear idea of the performance of your resume.

Yes, our free resume service is absolutely safe and we handle your information with utmost care and confidentiality. Your privacy is important to us!

We generate a report to your free resume appraisal within 24 hours of your submitting your resume to us.

Absolutely NO, our free resume review is absolutely free without any terms and conditions. There are no hidden charges or any mandatory purchase requirement. We provide a comprehensive report to your resume review with a list of errors and their possible solutions absolutely free. Also, we assure you of no spam mails and messages.