How to Write the Best Customer Service Resume

How to Write the Best Customer Service Resume



In this competitive job market, a professional resume is the passport for securing the best possible job position in customer service. Your resume is the first and last impression that you can make in front of potential employers, and it also serves as the best tool to market your skills, experiences and dedication towards your work in customer support. We will guide you through the steps to write the best customer service resume that will easily set you apart from the crowd.

Tips to Write the Best Customer Service Resume

  1. Start with a Strong Objective Statement: Begin your customer service resume with a compelling and catchy objective that can highlight your career goals and can express your commitment to deliver the best customer support. Customize this to meet specific needs of the position you are applying.

Example: “Dedicated customer service professional with over 5 years of experience seeking a challenging role at [Company Name] to leverage my communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.”

  1. Highlight Key Skills: Certain values and skills are of great importance for customer service industry. Research on these certain skills and showcase them prominently. Include all the skills you have related to your job being it technical or non-technical that may include communication, problem solving. Proficiency and empathy.

Example: “Proven ability to handle challenging situations with tact and diplomacy” and “Proficient in CRM software, Zendesk, and Microsoft Office Suite”

  1. Quantify Your Achievements: Give quantified achievements in your customer service resume as it adds credibility. To your resume and so it also helps employers to understand you better.

Example: “Resolved an average of 50 customer inquiries per day, achieving a 95% customer satisfaction rate.” and “Implemented a new process that reduced response time by 30%, leading to improved overall customer experience.”

  1. Mention your Work Experience in detail: Write your work history and experiences in detail. Focus on your customer service roles and tailor your work experiences to showcase specific skills and highlight the important ones that align with your customer service role.

Example: “Managed incoming calls and emails and addresses customer inquiries resolving issues promptly.” and “Managed and collaborated with cross-functional teams to streamline processes that resulted in 20% increase in efficiency.

  1. Showcase relevant Education and Certification: List out your educational background and certifications that are relevant to the role of customer service that can include communication courses, conflict resolution, certifications from customer service organization.
  1. Customize your Resume specific to your Job: Customize your resume specific to each job application by incorporating relevant keyword from the job description. This will help your resume to easily pass through ATS and will also demonstrate your attention to your job role in detail.
  1. Include a Strong Conclusion: Conclude your resume with a strong closing that can express your enthusiasm for the job opportunity and dedication to contribute to the employer’s success. Include a call to action for your employer that can attract them to contact you.

Example: I am excited to join and contribute my best of skills and past experiences to the continued success of the company customer service team. I look forward to discuss my skills and experiences that align with company’s goals. Please feel free to contact me to schedule an interview.

  1. Highlight Adaptability and Multitasking Qualities: Customer service roles often require ability to adapt to various situations and multiple tasks simultaneously. Showcase your ability to work in challenging situations handling multiple tasks and critical works with ease.

Example: “Demonstrated exceptional multitasking skills by simultaneously addressing customer inquiries through phone, email, and live chat, resulting in a 15% reduction in response time.”

  1. Highlight Software Skills: Customer service highly depends on soft skills and proficiency in using multiple tools simultaneously. Emphasize qualities such as empathy, patience, and a positive attitude, as these are crucial for fostering positive customer interactions.

Example: “Cultivated a reputation for exceptional empathy, consistently connecting with customers on a personal level to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions.”

  1. Incorporate Relevant Keywords: Many companies use ATS to screen resumes and to pass through these systems, it is necessary that your resume is ATS friendly and has relevant keyword incorporated according to the specific job role.
  1. Demonstrate Continuous Learning: Showcase that you are committed to continuous learning as the customer service landscape is completely dynamic and requires use of new tools and methodologies that are emerging regularly. Demonstrate your commitment for continuous professional development.

Example: “Stay abreast of industry trends through continuous learning, attending workshops on customer service best practices and integrating new strategies to enhance the customer experience.”

  1. Include a strong LinkedIn Profile: Having a strong LinkedIn Profile in necessary to leave a lasting impression in front of your potential employers. LinkedIn is now widely used to showcase skills and experiences digitally in an efficient way.

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  1. Use Action Verbs: Start each point for your customer service resume with powerful action verbs. This makes your resume more engaging and attracts potential employers to call you for an interview.

Example:  “Managed customer inquiries with efficiency and accuracy.”

  1. Quantify Past Customer Satisfaction: You can also provide quantifiable metrics and past data of customer satisfaction. This not only adds credibility but also demonstrates your impact on customer relationships.

Example: “Achieved a 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores through the implementation of proactive communication strategies.”

  1. Proofread your Customer Service Resume: Mistakes in resumes creates a sense of unprofessionalism. It is very necessary to ensure that there are no grammatical, spelling and formatting errors in your resume. A polished customer service resume reflects your attention in detail and quality that is valued in customer service roles.


By following these tips in your customer service resume, you can enhance your chances of making an eye-catching customer service resume for your specific job role and can secure your position of customer service. Keep in mind that your resume is the summary of your work history and showcases your career growth.

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