Tradiio's Community-driven Approach is Reshaping the Music Industry

Tradiio’s Community-driven Approach is Reshaping the Music Industry


Nurturing the Next Generation of Musicians

Innovation is key in surviving the contemporary music industry, that is going through one of the most transformative stages in its history. With new streaming platforms and different forms of social media emerging almost daily, the platform in which an artist uses to upload their music and connect with people who enjoy it has never had so many possibilities. Tradiio is a music platform that has come to amend the above issues and somewhat deemphasise the monetary value of a track, they created a structural evolution to be fair to artist and admirer a like.

Crowdsourcing Platform for Artists

At the heart of Tradiio’s philosophy is crowdsourcing. The platform allows the listening public to discover and invest in new artists and the money goes straight to them and there is no filtering. Now the fans are important and are part of the industry in a way that they have never been before. This connects the artist and the listener and this is what Tradiio regards as the future of the music industry.

The crowdfunding model reimburses the contributors and these elements are important in this model because artists need money to support, and artists need to feel that he is on the right track. It helps them to feel that they are not alone doing crazy things and motivates them to make career in music. It’s very motivating when the fans that like your music are paying and giving you a validation for doing the leap of faith in the music career. Fans feel involved and admire the artists and in return get rewarded with virtual coins as well.

Cultivating Collaboration and Creativity

Meeting with some strings together to develop some music is the greatest thing ever. Having to work with people all around the worlds, being able to know someone else is hearing the sounds all around the world is unbelievable. It is great if live artists are in-person or online that creates the bond among listeners and artists, and aids in publicity that is necessary for future growth. Collaborations and working with different artists, producers, and directors are some opportunities upcoming artists can get. No matter what your background or genre, Tradiio is all about community co-creation.

The purpose of Tradiio is to serve as a medium of connection between artists and their fans. Tradiio makes this connection by enabling the collaboration of artists experimentation and growth, alongside fans. By doing this Tradiio is fuelling the audiences creative experimentation, and their relationship between them and the artist. The fans get to like and involve themselves in the process, whether it is a casual fan wanting to pick the next upcoming star, or a fan who has been suggested and is creatively energized because they were rewarded and can help achieve the vision because of their efforts. No matter if you are an artist or fan on Tradiio, you know you’ll be getting a fair stake.

Reworking the Artist-Fan Relationship

The Internet has redefined the relationship of artist to fan. There used to be this thing called the “Meet and Greet” where there was something separating the artist and the fan. Now you can be an artist and have a direct line to a few million fans and they don’t know anything about you except that you are an artist they love, they have never met you, you haven’t shaken a hand, you haven’t done anything where you give or get back that makes you physically met with them earlier. That feeling of interacting with fans virtually is as old as that time when artists met in-person. We can be now emotionally as close to our favourite artists as they are our BFFs, particularly with Tradiio.

Artists and fans can now bond better because of Tradiio. Back in the days, you would have never imaged an artist that you would listen to, you’ll meet. That all changed with Tradiio, the first platform of artist to fan. Tradiio gives artists a social media type of ways to talk to your fans. It also gives you a way to remarket yourself and to use the platform for your music every day. From your phone and everywhere you like, you can upload all the local and international collection of genres and music here. It is not just a tool for artists but also for fans as well.

Tradiio’s emphasis on transparency and accessibility has the potential to give the music industry a sorely needed boost. The industry’s go-to complaints that pirating has crushed sales, that streaming platforms have led to a precipitous drop in payments to artists, melt away under the scrutiny of Tradiio’s particular business model. The music world’s traditional shortcoming and opacity also seems to work in Tradiio’s favour. On the platform, all activities, from the number of plays a song gets to the comments left by fans, all are open for public view. This transparency lets artists know where they stand and where to go when it comes to building a career.

Diversity in Music Industry

The music industry revolves around the aspect of diversity, and Tradiio has a clear passion for the matter. Tradiio is a platform where artists of all backgrounds and of all types of music can promote their music. And their community reflects the beautiful diversity of their site. Tradiio wants to create a more diverse and fair industry by offering as much of a diverse selection as possible.

Artists from the across the globe, representative of various walks of life and cultures from around the world are to seek world-wide commitment where the key values are just not tied to one place. Tradiio offers a range of music and artists from singers to song writers, from duo to bands, solo artists, and digital musicians alongside an array of styles and genre types. Tradiio continues to stand by the commitment to cater for all these various art forms because it cares about the kind of stories artists have to tell and music our artist communities have to give to the world, because Tradiio cares about you, its users, and the kind of experiences you can have within the platform.

Shaping the Future of Music

In the next few years, the music community will have to come together and make some very tough choices because no one really knows what the music community’s going to look like in 10 years with such a complex set of variables. But there are some really basic things we can do right now to make sure we have a tomorrow to look forward to.

The music industry is currently undergoing an enormous growth and change period with the digital age. Platform like Tradiio is breaking the norm to change the relationship between the artist and the fan. It is empowering artist, making them easier to be found by listeners and easier to make a living from all different kinds of viewership. The old way in music industry is over. Tradiio has just born, so artists, fans and the music industry can start to work toward the future.

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